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Tips for Picking a Machu Picchu Tour

With so many options to choose from, pick up at Machu Picchu tour can seem like a daunting prospect. A trip to the Inca citadel is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for many travelers, and booking a good tour can make all the difference. since your arrival in Lima Peru and later your trip to Cusco, Aguas […]

Machu Picchu Facts History

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District: Machu Picchu Province: Urubamba Department: Cusco Altitude: 2,430 metres (7,970 ft) above the sea level GPS Coordinates: 13.1633° S 72.5456° W Surface Area: The ruins are located within Machu Picchu Historic Sanctuary and under the protection of the National System of Protected Natural Areas by the State (SERNAP). The Sanctuary spreads over an area of […]

Historia de Machu Picchu

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Resumen de la historia de Machu Picchu Los arqueólogos aseguran que esta majestuosa ciudad inca fue construido durante el siglo XV de nuestra era por los Incas, es la ciudad inca mas grande de Perú y del mundo la cual alberga miles de misterios. Se sabe también que fue poblado por un gran número de […]